Your Spirit, Your Soul, Your Batik


INDONESIA BATIKS                                                                                                                                                                         

Hi, my name is Olumide and Welcome to IndonesiaBatiks.Com
Indonesia Batiks are the Fabrics and Unique Batik is my Fashion Line where I create unique fashions from the beautiful and luxurious Indonesian Batiks!

You can purchase our unique and exclusive fabric here on this site as well as contact myself at 614-726-1864 if you are interested in viewing some of my fashion designs or would like to order by phone.

Unique Batik Fashion Line

My fashion line Unique Batik takes the beautiful Indonesian Batik and combines it with the latest world fashions and unique style that are inspired from within.  I take my inspiration from everywhere, from the nature that surrounds to cartoons, to the world of dance and music.

The Fabric 

The creation of our batiks fabrics take place in various locations on the island of Java, Indonesia in areas like Yogykarta, Surakarta, and the famous Central Java.  We are a fair trade business and receive our products from such. By buying from us, you will be  supporting local artisans who still use the traditional writing and stamping method.  Since our artisan workshops are family owned, you will also be supporting the local community that holds these batiks so close to their hearts.